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This resource is dedicated to military history of the Second World War. You can find here the collection of military maps of European and Pacific Theaters from English and American sources.

I hope this site will be useful to people who are interested in military history.

My project consists of thousands of maps from various sources, therefore, I recommend to use search.

Maps are presented in the DjVu format. Take a look at here for details.

Militarymaps is a noncommercial project, all materials are presented for educational purposes only.


Military maps from such sources:

Liberation of the Western Europe: Day by day (Second World War Military Situation Maps 1944-1945)

Atlas of The Second World War: Asia and the Pacific (Wayne, NJ: SquareOne Publishing Group, Inc., 1985)

Atlas of World War II (Richard Natkiel. NY: Barnes & Noble Books, 2000)

Atlas of D-Day and the Normandy Campaign (John Man. Viking. 1994)

Engineers of the Southwest Pacific, 1941-1945, vol. 1 (Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Office, 1947)

The Soviet-German War 1941-1945: Myths and Realities (David M. Glantz. Clemson, South Carolina, 2001)

ZhukovТs Greatest Defeat: The Red ArmyТs Epic Disaster in Operation Mars, 1942 (David M. Glantz. University Press of Kansas, 1999)

Osprey Publishing books

Campaign Series (Osprey Publishing):

Camp. 1: Normandy 1944
Camp. 100: D-Day 1944 (1)
Camp. 3: France 1940
Camp. 104: D-Day 1944 (2)
Camp. 155: Anzio 1944
Camp. 5: Ardennes 1944
Camp. 105: D-Day 1944 (3)
Camp. 16: Kursk 1943
Camp. 107: Poland 1939
Camp. 158: El Alamein 1942
Camp. 110: Peleliu 1944
Camp. 159: Berlin 1945
Camp. 24: Arnhem 1944
Camp. 112: D-Day 1944 (4)
Camp. 163: Leyte Gulf 1944
Camp. 30: Midway 1942
Camp. 165: Iraq 1941
Camp. 127: Dieppe 1942
Camp. 167: Moscow 1941
Camp. 175: Remagen 1945
Camp. 134: Cassino 1944
Camp. 73: "Compass" 1940
Camp. 136: Meiktila 1945
Camp. 74: Rhineland 1945
Camp. 75: Lorraine 1944
Camp. 139: Guam 1941 & 1944
Camp. 184: Stalingrad 1942
Camp. 77: Tarawa 1943
Camp. 143: Caen 1944
Camp. 80: Tobruk 1941
Camp. 189: Sevastopol 1942
Camp. 81: Iwo Jima 1945
Camp. 196: Gazala 1942
Camp. 88: "Cobra" 1944
Camp. 147: Crete 1941
Camp. 96: Okinawa 1945
Camp. 149: Falaise 1944

Battle Orders / Order of Battle Series (Osprey Publishing):

Essential Histories Series (Osprey Publishing)

Fortress Series, Osprey Publishing

Fort. 30: Fort Eben Emael
Fort. 10: Maginot Line

Elite Series, Osprey Publishing

Warrior Series, Osprey Publishing


Geographical atlases:

Polish Pocket Atlas of the World, 1937 Edition (Polityczny Atlas Kieszonkowy. E. Romer. Lwow-Warszawa, 1937)

German Road Book, 1937 Edition (Deutschland-atlas fur wander- und radfahrsport. Berlin, 1937)

German Pocket Atlas of the World, 1940 Edition (Taschen-Atlas der Erde mit statistischen Angaben, 1940)

German Military Atlas, 1941 Edition (Soldatenatlas der Wehrmacht von 1941)

Atlases of other historical periods


Additional materials:

Soviet Topographic Map Symbols (Headquarters, Department of the Army. Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Office, 1958)


If you know Russian language you can find much more military maps from Soviet and latest Russian sources on the Russian version of my site.

Links to other resources with military maps of the Second World War:

Map collection of project "RKKA in World War II"

University of Texas map library

World War II Military Situation Maps: 1944-1945 (Library of Congress)


I am very grateful to administration of Narod.Ru for hosting of such a big project as Militarymaps and also for technical support.


by Andrey Lopatnev

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